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Lincoln Hills - North Huntingdon PA

Nestled just off Barnes Lake Road, the prestigious Lincoln Hills community emerges as a beacon of luxury in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The meticulous design and craftsmanship of these homes, brought to life by the renowned RWS Construction, are evident in every corner of this picturesque neighborhood.


Conveniently located near the Irwin Turnpike exit, residents enjoy not only the beauty and luxury within the community but also the ease of connectivity to neighboring towns and cities. The first phase of construction, which commenced in 2005, set the tone for the refined elegance that defines Lincoln Hills. Today, it stands tall as an ensemble of a little over 350 homes, each one a testament to sophistication and modern comforts.


Walking through the community, one can't help but admire the meticulously planned infrastructure. The continuous stretch of sidewalks weaves through the neighborhood, offering residents a safe and scenic pathway for leisurely strolls or energizing jogs.


The homes themselves are nothing short of magnificent. With price tags ranging from $450,000 to well over $800,000, each dwelling exudes luxury from every brick and beam. Potential homeowners can expect spacious layouts with typical homes spanning from 2,600 to an expansive 4,000 square feet. The architectural designs marry modern aesthetics with timeless elegance, ensuring that Lincoln Hills remains a sought-after destination for years to come.


In summary, Lincoln Hills is not just a community; it's an experience. It's where luxury meets convenience, and where the dreams of a modern family find a perfect address.


Lincoln Hills Homes For Sale - North Huntingdon

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