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Thomas Farm Acres

Thomas Farm Acres: A Jewel in North Huntingdon

Nestled within the serene backdrop of North Huntingdon Township, Thomas Farm Acres stands out as a beacon for families seeking a blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience. This charming community in Westmoreland County offers an ideal balance for those who appreciate the allure of close-knit neighborhoods while desiring easy access to urban amenities.


Prime Location: The Best of Both Worlds

Situated at 1856 Guffey Road, Thomas Farm Acres is strategically located, providing its residents with quick access to Route 30. This translates to convenient trips to local shopping centers, dining spots, and entertainment venues. Moreover, for those who have an affinity for the buzzing atmosphere of a city, Pittsburgh is just under an hour away, making it feasible for day trips or even daily commutes.


A Stone's Throw Away from Kerber's Dairy

One of the unique attractions of living in Thomas Farm Acres is its proximity to Kerber’s Dairy. Known for its delicious ice creams and other dairy delights, Kerber's is more than just a local dairy spot; it’s a piece of North Huntingdon’s heritage. Families in Thomas Farm Acres can indulge in this local gem, turning simple weekend outings or evening strolls into delightful dessert excursions.


Advantages of Living in Thomas Farm Acres

Top-notch Schooling: With Norwin School District serving the area, families can be confident in the quality of education their children will receive. This district has a reputation for academic excellence and comprehensive curricular programs.


No Homeowner Association Fees: One of the clear advantages of choosing a home in Thomas Farm Acres is the absence of homeowner association fees. This means fewer financial constraints for residents and more autonomy over individual property decisions.


Cost-Effective Living: With a relatively lower cost of living and taxes compared to some neighboring regions, Thomas Farm Acres allows residents to stretch their dollars further without compromising on lifestyle quality.


Suburban Ambience: The single-family homes in this community exude a sense of warmth and belonging. Wide streets, green yards, and friendly neighbors are the hallmark of life here.


In conclusion, for those seeking a harmonious blend of suburban life and city convenience, Thomas Farm Acres in North Huntingdon stands out as a compelling choice. Offering a rich community atmosphere, top-tier educational facilities, and the charm of local attractions like Kerber's Dairy, it's no wonder that many families are choosing to call this place home.

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